Name: Faye Cox

Height: 5’6

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: brown

Faye Cox is the youngest member of a nomadic family of wraiths.

Growing up sheltered in Austin, she has no knowledge of the supernatural world which exists outside her bedroom walls. A gamer, she’s more comfortable playing games with her friends online than being outside among crowds of people.

Her older sister has always been her best friend and when she returns for college break, she and Faye decide to spend the night out, when a wraith crosses their path.

Turned against her will, Faye must come to the realization that she is now one of the Not-So Dead.

Name: Madison 'Maddy' Fraser

Height: 5’68

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: blue

Maddy is the second youngest member of a nomadic family of wraiths.

She is hot-tempered, choleric, and quick to react when irritated.

Unable to follow the rules that comes with being a wraith, Maddy attempts to explore the concept of a human's love, only to be disappointed.

Name: Salome

Height: 5’68

Hair Color: jet black hair

Eye Color: smoky gray

Salome is the matriarch of a nomadic family of wraiths.

One would describe her moral as melancholic. She is obsessed with finding the right solution than being right. She also worries about what others think and tends to place guilt for bad happenings upon herself.

Stuck in an unhealthy relationship, her only way out is through a mysterious and supernatural stranger who arrives on her doorstep.

Name: Dusk

Height: 6'

Hair Color: Tawny brown

Eye Color: Crystal clear blue eyes

Dusk is the patriarch of a nomadic family of wraiths.

Phlegmatic, Dusk is easy-going with those who do not want to wish his family harm. He has more of a level emotional balance than most and considers himself a caregiver.

A plea from his sire sends Dusk to Chicago in search for the legendary Shard of Anu.

Name: Tristan

Height: 5'7

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: mocha brown

Jester of the group. Nothing is ever serious when he’s involved. His earlier life as an outlaw in the Wild West left him with little regard for being on the right side of the law.

Life has always been a game, especially now that he’s immortal. Yet, that hasn’t stopped him from following his mother’s advice to dream big.

A cowboy and an outlaw, Tristan also holds another dark secret.

Name: Essie

Height: 5'6

Hair Color: brown dreadlocks

Eye Color: brown

Essie is the only member of the family who is human.

Her wish is to be like that of her adopted family of wraiths.

As the only human of the nomadic band of wraiths, she desires to become one of them.

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