The Brotherhood


brotherhoodThe Brotherhood is a worldwide organization made up of humans who study, research, and document the Deamhan.

There are two known positions in The Brotherhood: Researcher and Mercenary.

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Butch Tiernan
Johanna Rahn
Marcel Alvaro


Samuel Austin
Miranda Pavel




Created in 516 A.D. by peasants troubled by Deamhan,  the group’s first priority was to gather together and protect themselves from demonic entities and creatures of all types.

As centuries passed, the group transformed into a secret society. They came up with the name “Brotherhood” because they considered each member as a “brother” or “sister” in the battle against evil.

They assigned a researcher to follow and document a Deamhan from a distance. Over time they established Chapters through cities around the world.

The American Headquarters is located in San Diego, California. This location holds the most valuable historical artifacts relating to the Deamhan in the archives, a secured location in the basement which is kept under heavy guard and protection.

The Brotherhood split America into three regions: West, Midwest, and East with each state having a Chapter.

Each region has its own Chain of Command.

-President of the Region

-Region Leader


The Presidents of each region reports to the Head Master in charge of the whole organization in the country.

In America the Head Master is Marcel Alvaro.

President – Kurt Luzier

Region Leader (California) – Miranda Pavel

Researchers – JoAnne

President – Samuel Austin

Region Leader (Minnesota) – Kenneth Dearhorn

Researchers – Sean Fechin

President – Ricardo Alvarez

Region Leader – Sara Johnson

Researchers – Joseph MacKenzie, James MacKenzie, Kelli Simpson





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