Is Isaiyan Morrison your real name?

No. It’s a name I chose because my real name is really hard to pronounce. The first name was something I just came up with and the last name comes from Jim Morrison, the lead singer from The Doors. I’m a big Doors fan.

How did you come up “Deamhan?”

It started over 12 years ago. I was out of high school and working at a comic book/porno shop (yes, it’s a weird combination.) I’ve always loved dark fiction and horror novels. I read a lot of Anne Rice, Stephen King, and other non horror including Jack Kerouac and Toni Morrison. I love history and one day I started researching vampires. I was amazed at the different types of vampires there were out there so I decided to write about them.

I didn’t start writing the book overnight. I researched for months and when I was finally ready, I started to write. It was called “Macabre” and the characters were different. I wrote the book in first person. Later I joined the military and the book remained in my closet for about four years.

After I left the military, I started writing the book again. Eventually I finished it and submitted to publishers where it was picked up by a certain publisher I care not to name. I waited and the publisher folded. Upset, I wrote the book again, changing it into 3rd POV, changing the title, and the names of Deamhan clans. I submitted again and after two years, it was finally picked up by Rainstorm Press.

How long does it take for a human to be turned into a Deamhan?

Unlike vampires, it can take several days for a human to complete the transformation. With any transformation, an exchange of blood between the sire and the sired is a must and not all transformations are successful. Thus turning a human into a Deamhan is more complicated and unpredictable than turning a human into a vampire.

How do you kill a Deamhan?

Beheading and sunlight are the two common ways to destroy them. The easiest way is with a stake through the heart. Yes, when the magicians created the very first Deamhan, the Pure Ones, they had no weaknesses. When they decided to get rid of them, they cursed them with some of the very same weaknesses of modern vampires.

However, how to torture Deamhan is another interesting story.

Do Deamhan still hate vampires?

Depending on the Deamhan individual. It’s part of their nature to hate vampires. It was the main reason they were created. However, Deamhan hate anyone or anything, including their own kind.

What is the Nox Noctis Vomica?

I’ve explained that here.


How long will the Deamhan series be?

I’m not really sure yet. There are several different series: Chronicles, Tales, The Brotherhood Files. They all serve a different purpose.

Chronicles: Main story line. Reading them in order helps understand the plot line

Tales: Back stories involving certain characters. You do not have to read these in order. You actually don’t have to read these at all, unless you’re curious.

The Brotherhood Files: The past of certain characters. Just like Deamhan Tales, you do not have to read these in order and you don’t have to read them at all unless you’re curious.

So, I was doing a little research and the names of your Deamhan clans are names for vampires. Why not just write your characters as vampires or just name them vampires?

What’s the fun in that? I personally believe that vampire novels have traveled in so many different directions that I don’t even know how I feel about them anymore. Being an avid vampire fan, I realize that 99% of vampire books only focus on blood sucking vampires and majority of those have romance elements. I don’t write romance. However, there are so many different type of vampire types in lore. Why not explore them? I wanted to do something different. Deamhan is that something different.

I like (insert character here.) Are you going to write a spinoff about that character?

Well, that depends on the character and their importance. You might see them in Deamhan Tales or The Brotherhood Files.

Who are your favorite characters in the Deamhan series?

So far I enjoy writing about Anastasia, Remy, and Maris.  I love the history between Lambert and Alexis.

Do Deamhan sparkle in sunlight?


Sorry for my outburst.

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