Ayden. Deamhan Minion.



Ayden. Deamhan MinionTitle: Ayden. Deamhan Minion

Deamhan Tales #1

Pages: 79


Release Date: November 14th, 2015

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**Takes place between Book 2 and Book 3 of Deamhan Chronicles**


For over a hundred years Ayden, a Metusba Deamhan has waited for the chance to avenge his sire who met a bloody end at the hands of Anastasia, a Ramanga Deamhan.

Being an obedient servant to Kyra, the oldest of their kind, he finally gets his chance to have his revenge. However there’s one small problem. He’s heavily indebted to Anastasia’s offspring, Maris and Kyra wants him to kill her.

He must decide. Be the obedient Deamhan minion to Kyra, who used the darkness inside him to fuel his rage or protect Maris, who saved him from that same darkness for a second chance to feel again.

The choice isn’t going to be easy. Then again, when has anything in his long tortured life been easy?



“Forget the romance, forget the supernatural love triangle, this is dark emotion; this is the pain of loss and retribution. Isaiyan Morrison is back with under short tale highlighting the characters in her Deamhan series. Ayden Deamhan Minion brings Ayden to life, his relationships with others and his place in the Deamhan world.”

-Dii, Reviewer

“It was amazingly written, with such a rhythm that followed the first story to this. It is a supernatural, a horror, with a touch of romance built right in.”

-Rebecca Willing, Reviewer

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