Dark Curse

Dark Curse

Book 2 in the Deamhan Chronicles

Release Date: August 12th 2014



Dark Curse CoverPages: 202

Publisher: Isaiyan Morrison

ISBN: 0692510591

ISBN 13: 978-0692510599


FORMAT: Print and E-book


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The massacre at the Gathering has left Deamhan shaken to their core. With their leader,Kei, ousted and on the run, the once feared and Ancient Lugat, Lucius, goes on a killing spree to wipe out the remaining traitors in the city of Minneapolis.

Meanwhile The Brotherhood’s return along with the growing population of vampires riles up the remaining Deamhan who chose to stay behind rather than abandon the city.

The body count continues to rise signaling to humans and Deamhan that something malicious is on the horizon. All with have to chose a side. Either allow Lucius to free the Pure Ones–the first living Deamhan from Limbo–or take him out and cripple their already fragile presence in the city.

Dark Curse picks up where Deamhan ends. It’s the second book in the Deamhan Chronicles.



Anastasia drummed her fingers on the wooden railing and she watched the clouds cascading through the sky. The moon was nowhere to be seen. Whether the light from the stars above would assist them didn’t matter to Anastasia. She liked it dark. Behind her she heard the noise of wooden planks creaking under someone’s weight and she looked over her left shoulder. Ayden stood just in front of the doorway, wrapped in a thick ruffled white blanket.

“What do you want now?” Anastasia turned back to the stars.

“A little of your time.” Ayden cautiously stepped forward and the boards again moaned under his weight. He saw Anastasia jerk her head slightly to the left at the sound and he stopped.

“You had my attention last night,” Anastasia answered.

Ayden waited for a moment before speaking again. “Yes, but this time it’s just me. Maris is still inside.”

Anastasia inhaled deeply, taking in Ayden’s Metusba scent. “So what do you want?”

“To talk…about you.”

“I’m not in the mood to hear your threats. You’re just one of the many people who want me dead, Ayden. That’s nothing new.”

“Well this might sound new to you.” He stood beside her. “My sire told me stories about the Ramanga that decimated entire sanctuaries throughout Europe and northern Italy. This Deamhan killed whoever stood in her way, human and her own alike, and she did it without remorse. Deamhan feared you. Even my sire, who was much older than you, feared you.”

Anastasia quickly turned to face Ayden and her eyes grew dark. She felt her fangs beginning to move into place.

But Ayden didn’t jump back. Instead he continued to speak. “Anyone who stood up to you met their deaths.”

“You’re telling me something that I don’t already know?” She growled. “Now let me tell you something.” Anastasia moved in, standing inches away from him. “I’m older and stronger than you and Maris combined. You can’t take me on my worst day. I’m giving you the option to accept that and to leave the city with Maris once this is all over.”

“I’ve killed Deamhan older than you,” Ayden replied, unmoved by her threat. “Your age doesn’t scare me.”

Anastasia felt her fangs retreat and her eyes turn back to normal.

“When you least expect it, we will come for you.”

Any other time she wouldn’t sit and listen to the threat. She knew that she could kill Ayden without breaking her stride, but part of her wanted to know exactly why he wanted her dead. It couldn’t be because of her past. Even though he looked familiar, she still had problems figuring out why. She understood Maris’ rage but Ayden’s own made her question.

“Why do you want to kill me?” Anastasia asked. “Is it because of Maris? Do you…like her?”

“Not any more than you do.” Ayden turned away slightly. “But I understand her and we share the same hatred for you.”

“So how did I cause this hatred you have for me?”

“You kill indiscriminately without remorse for those left behind.”

“That’s it?” she snarled. “This is what I do, what I am; what we are. I kill. You kill.”

“Yes, but the difference is we don’t do it because we can.” He moved slightly toward her. “We do it because we have to.”

Suddenly Anastasia gripped Ayden by his shirt collar and she pulled him in close. He reacted quickly, catching her off guard. Placing his hands over her wrists, he pulled them outward, twisting her arms. He continued and Anastasia lifted onto her toes as he used his grip to gain the upper hand.  Her eyes turned and she fought back, trying to maneuver against his strength but again, he countered her. She felt her arms beginning to strain and he pushed her again, this time bringing her to her knees.

Anastasia’s eyes widened. Ayden’s sudden control over her made no sense. Never in her long life had any Deamhan younger than her overpowered her. He had her in a position in which she couldn’t escape. She waited helplessly for his next move. He could kill her, if he wanted to but instead he let her go.

Anastasia rubbed her wrists and she slowly stood to her feet.

“Like I said. I’ve killed Deamhan older than you.” Ayden stepped back. “You don’t scare me.”


“The characters are this time more powerful and stronger. Veronica and Anastasia both are very determined to achieve what they want. This time it is difficult for the characters to trust and believe. Too many options are introduced with too many twists, thus leaving the strong characters confused. This time the plot is very raw and Gothic and too much blood spilled everywhere. This time also the writing is articulate and the flow of narration is smooth.”

Aditi, Reviewer

“This book flows easily from the first, picking up right where it left off with little lag. Questions are answered and even more are raised – leaving us off at the perfect starting point for Book 3. Fast paced and well written, this is a novel you can sink your ‘teeth’ into.”

Heather Gilbert, Reviewer

“I had a hard time putting this book down . It was so jampacked full of twist that you didn’t see coming, of nonstop action that left you on the edge of your seat waiting for more.”

Veronica Williams, Reviewer

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