Deamhan Clans

There are a total of sixteen (16) Deamhan clans.

Ramanga, Metusba, Lamia, and Lugat were the first set of Deamhan created to battle vampires. They can feed on humans and vampires.

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Ramanga Deamhan are one of the most violent of all Deamhan. Feed off the psychic energy in human blood.  They have retractable and sharp canine teeth.








Lamia are known to be just as violent as the Ramanga Deamhan. They feed by draining the psychic energy from their victim’s mouths, sucking them into dry husks. Lamia are also conceded and prefer the hunt rather than the kill.




Metusba are known to be the less violent of the Deamhan. They feed off the psychic aura of their victims around them. They don’t have to kill their victims to survive.





Feed on the psychic imprints of their victims and like the Metusba, they don’t need to kill their victims to live. Often, the Lugat Deamhan prefer to move freely in the human world and enjoy human company.



Estrie are known to be ruthless, maniacal, and devious. With white piercing eyes, elongated claws, and canines sharper than the Ramanga, they gourge on the blood of their victims. They are a force to be reckoned with. Their blood is also toxic, insuring them a spot on top of the Deamhan food chain.



Ekimmu Deamhan feed by draining the life force from their victims just like the Lamia. They’re also excellent and excel in Dark Magics.



Like the Metusba, Empusa Deamhan feed on draining the life force from their victim’s mouth. They are also excellent fighters.



Like the Lugat, Adze Deamhan feed by using their hands and consuming the psychic energy of their victims. They are also called “shadow walkers” because of their ability to travel in the shadows, making them harder to notice and catch. They make excellent assassins.




Sumer, an ancient biblical city, was plagued by the onset of vampires. Desperate for protection, the Kashshapu (male magicians) decided to use their dark magic to battle these creatures.

Choosing four brave people, they created the Ramanga, Metusba, Lamia, and Lugat.

Endowed with super strength, immortality, and unaffected by sunlight, the four Deamhan protected the city and the people from the vampires for a time. But soon, the Deamhan turned against them and began to plague the city along with the vampires.

Still desperate, the Kashshapu returned to their magic again, using four more innocent people to create the Estrie, Empusa, Ekimmu, and Adze.

The second group of Deamhan were also endowed with super strength, immortality, and the ability to be in sunlight. However, they only craved vampires and psychic energy of the Ramanga, Metusba, Lamia, and Lugat.

Soon, they too turned on their creators.

The Kashshapu decided that using dark magic to cure the city’s problems only made things worse. He turned to the dark magic for the last time, creating  the Dark Curse and cursing the Deamhan to the night. He managed to trap the original eight Deamhan, the Pure Ones, in Limbo; a dark and neverending space voided of time.

But it was too late. The Pure Ones had already sired half the population in the city and the Dark Curse only affected their offspring. With their species on the brink of destruction, the Deamhan who escaped the wrath of the priests left the city and their sires behind. Theybegan to spread throughout the world.

During their creation until the late 1400s, Deamhan were without rules and punishments. When The Malleus Maleficarum, written by German Heinrich Kramer, a inquisitor, was published in 1487, older Deamhan felt that there had to be rules to protect their kind from human harm. Nothing was done until mid 1500s when persecution of witches caught the attention of Gennadios (Ramanga,) Marjolaine (Lamia,) Nicias (Metusba,) and Lucius (Lugat.) They created The Dictum; ten rules written to protect their kind.

1. Secrecy is the key to our survival.

2. Do not close your sanctuaries to Deamhan in need. Respect a sanctuary’s protective atmosphere.

3. Do not kill one of your own.

4. Do not betray one of your own.

5. Siring a Deamhan at a young age is strictly forbidden.

6. Feed only when necessary and dispose of your victim as to not cause attention to your kind.

7. Once a Decretum is declared, all Deamhan must obey.

8. Only an Ancient can declare a Decretum.

9. Respect your Ancients.

10. Follow and respect the rules of The Dictum.

Limbo, a dark and neverending space voided of time. Created with dark magics by a Kashshapu as a last resort to tame the wild Deamhan in the city of Sumer, they trapped the original eight (8) Deamhan in this void. 

The Dark Curse is a tablet which holds the written spell that created the Deamhan and Limbo. The spell was created by Kashshapu in ancient Sumer, a region in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) around 2100 B.C. in the Sumerian city-state of Ur. The original name of the tablet was lost to time. The current name of the curse is in Latin.

During this time, Ur was a bustling city, one of the biggest cities in the region. With the growing population also came problems. Vampires began to plague the city and unsolved murders became common. The people of Ur began to beg for a resolution. A male magician, Kashshapu, (Maris’ ancestor) used dark magic. Dorvo, another practitioner, was the Kashshapu’s assistant.  These first four created were:

Ramanga – Megalu, a male servant
Metusba – Ninla, a female orphan
Lamia – Annadar, a male officer in the Royal Army.
Lugat – Saba, a female whose husband was killed by vampires.

They existed and walked in the sun. Created to kill and fight vampires, they protected the city. However soon they began to serve their evil tendencies and turned on the humans.
Seeing this, the Kashshapu went back to dark magic and created four more Deamhan to protect the city. These four created were:

Estrie – Nanna, Ninla’s sister and also an orphan
Empusa – Apamesh, a homeless man
Ekimmu – Amenirdis, daughter of the Kashshapu
Adze – Ugan, lover of Amenirdis.

The fighting raged on until the last four Deamhan also turned on the humans and the city. Hearing about the horrors in the city, the King of Ur wanted to execute the Kashshapu but Dorvo convinced the King that he could help the Kashshapu solve the problem by making a deal with the vampires and getting rid of the Deamhan. They couldn’t get rid of the vampires because they were natural in nature. Deamhan weren’t. In reality, Dorvo wanted to become a vampire himself and did this in order to get that wish.
According to lore, it was said that the Kashshapu along with Dorvo created the Dark Curse to ban the Deamhan from walking during the day. The Deamhan were given weaknesses, thus making them easier to kill. They also created Limbo, a magical holding cell to ban all Deamhan.
During this creation the Kashshapu, fearing that the King would kill me after it was all over, used his own blood in the ritual to make sure that he was still needed. Since his daughter, Amenirdis, was a Deamhan, he also vowed to free her after placing them in Limbo. He also created the amulet for protection against Deamhan.
They captured the original 8 Deamhan without knowing that humans throughout the city had already been sired and left after receiving the weaknesses placed on them.
Dorvo got his wish, was made vampire, and soon turned on the vampires in the vicinity, wiping them into extinction.

Revelation is a series of steps which will end in rebirth of Deamhan by releasing the Pure Ones, abolishing Ancient status in Deamhan world, and restoring Pure Ones in their rightful place as Kings and Queens in the Deamhan world.

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