Character Reveal – Kei

We’re down to the last three important characters in the novel. For those who’ve followed and read up on the characters, you rock! Thanks for following. I really appreciate it.

I’ve always said that exposing the different vampires that exist in vampire lore wasn’t easy. There are so many. However, this added a kind of “revamp” for me in vampire literature. I love researching and learning about different vampire types. Just today I’ve discovered a new one I didn’t even know about.

With the release of Deamhan about two weeks away, things are rushing by and fast. If you skipped last week’s reveal, I mentioned that the book is scheduled to be released August 12th 2013. If you haven’t already, check out the spiffy new cover here.

The character reveal this week is Kei.

I won’t reveal much about him, but what I will tell you is that this Deamhan plays a huge role in Veronica’s search for her mother. If you’ve already read about Lucius and Selene, then you’ll already know why.

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